As usual on Fridays in December, I left work early. I drive over an hour to and from work. Shortly after beginning my trip home I heard the traffic announcer say that an accident had created a long backup on US 23 near Gettys Road. I travel a few miles on 23 but didn't recognize the road name so said to myself, "at least this backup shouldn't hinder my trip home" and soon turned off the radio before Sabbath.

Well, about 2 miles east of the junction onto 23 I came upon a backup and then realized that Gettys was about a mile south on 23 while my route is north. Joining the slow crawl for the next 2 miles I said to myself, "Who knows, this slowdown may be keeping me away from being at the wrong place at the wrong time." Unfortunately, I also began thinking that was a tradeoff since someone had already been at a wrong place at the wrong time. That was selfish thinking..

I soon rationalized that most accidents are relatively minor at least in that usually no one is seriously hurt. Passing traffic slows down when passing even minor accidents sites and backup other motorists for miles. But then I thought, "You know, angels can also drive cars…" God doesn't have to trade off one injury to prevent another. Two angels can drive two cars and even involve themselves in apparently serious accidents. Angels won't really be hurt even if they appear to be. God may still have held me back to save me from injury. Or to save someone else from injury. And I shouldn't become irritated if the backup actually protects someone. Of course, I should also be thankful that I wasn't where these other motorists had collided or run off the road.

It's easy to resent the time lost in situations like this. And perhaps God doesn't do things like I imagined yesterday. Then again, he might. And while I may not always find it easy to be thankful during delays like this, I fail to profit by becoming upset. I don't like delays. But I don't experience delays every day or even often. And in fact, if I knew everything I might sometimes realize I owe my life to delays. I can't know everything so I should simply take it easy when tempted to complain about frustrating events I have no control over.