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Sunday, January 27, 2002 (Today)

Title:  Gold Clipart

Gold banners, buttons, sets, plaques, and more offered Free! Good selection and quality graphics. For additional fees ($5 to $80) these graphics can be customized.

From_goldclipartDOTcom From_goldclipartDOTcom From_goldclipartDOTcom

Sample above.

Thursday, January 24, 2002

Title:  Free Zmei Java Applets

Zmei provides 15 free java applets. They display a link in the status bar unless you purchase the entire package for $19. Can be used free on all web sites.

I especially like the Zmei Light Message applet. Click to view this sample.

Other applets I like

  • Zmei Slideshow 3
  • Zmei Multi Message
  • Zmei Animated Text Banner
  • Zmei Image Viewer

Title:  Free Cross-Browser DHTML Menus

Andrew Clover provides a module to enable you to display DHTML menus while simply including his free module and writing CSS and HTML. His sample is simple but the secret is the CSS customization to menus that look however you want them to without any additional javascript coding.

Download today.

Title:  Customize the Browse Button in the File Upload Element

You can customize all the other form elements via style tags but you couldn't get to the Browse button portion of the File Upload element. Well, now you can appear to customize this button.

Andrew Clover not only shows how to simulate a custom browse button but also provides a codeless mechanism to put this functionality into all of your file upload pages. Simply include his free module and define your style tags. No need to write any javascript.

I tested this with background-image:url("webbsimple.gif") and it displayed a graphic browse button which also writes the word "Browse" in any color you specify. Works great! Download today.

Title:  Bypass Cache when Refreshing Screen
With AOL or Internet Explorer, hold the Ctrl key down while clicking reload, this forces IE to reload/refresh the page from the server and not your cache. With Netscape, hold the shift key down while clicking reload, this forces Netscape to reload the page from the server and not your cache.
Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Title:  Open Directory Project

Do you want to influence the web beyond your own website? You can become an editor on the Open Directory Project. Select areas you feel knowledgably and click the Become an Editor link.
Friday, January 11, 2002

Title:  Free HTMLgear from Lycos...

Add News Headlines and Polls to your site without programming. Simply use a web based interface to select options. Copy html to your webpage and view.

Previously I obtained headlines from and but they quit providing free headlines. Lycos Gear headlines offer fewer choices and some selections seem to provide zero headlines but it's a start.

I'd also earlier used a polling service from another web site but the 9/11 bombing put them out of business. This Lycos Gear offers more choices and is also easy to create. Try it.

Other gear offered includes guestbooks and referals.

Thursday, January 10, 2002

Title:  SiteExperts tool to create weblog capability

Learn what a weblog is and then create your own using this FREE online tool.

You must first signup with even though you may not think of yourself as a web developer. Then build your weblog from a simple web interface. Copy one line of code into an html page and you're ready.

After that you can simply enter your thoughts online in a textbox without using frontpage or ftp and folks viewing your page will see what you've been writing.

NOTE that this page is maintained using this weblog.

Title:  CNET tool to create sortable javascript tables without coding

Using this FREE online tool you simply need to enter the number of rows and columns you need in a table and click "Generate Code".

You then replace the sample table entries with your real data, replace sample table headers with your real headers, and copy the fully functioning code into your html page. If you have a column to be sorted numerically then uncomment the table.setNumeric(n) statement, replacing the n with the column number (0, 1, 2...) where you want a numeric sort.

Save or preview your page and click on the headers to resort without returning to the server. It's GREAT dhtml code.

Of course, you don't need a tool if you have a server with either asp or php scripting. You then only need csv comma delimited files. See or see for details. Note that and are websites.

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