Heaven Delayed - Does It Matter?

I'm concerned right now with whether or not a house closing will ever take place. IOriginally expected at the end of June or 1st of July we're now into the middle of July and still don't have a closing date. A week ago we were told to expect closing on Monday but since this is Wednesday that didn't happen.

It seems that title work was done using the wrong coordinates and instead of searching rights on our empty land it determined rights in the opposite direction and found that empty land had a house on it, fronted on a different street. Additionally the search found no tax id on the section searched. So the title work was switched to a different company and still more delay.

As you can see, I'm a bit concerned that maybe the purchase won't ever happen. Another complication is that we are planning to rent our current older home as an income property. And we're told by the realtor handling the land sale that since we were approved by the bank for a new mortgage without selling the old house that we "must have very excellent credit." So we wonder if that may bite us in the end.

Yes, we are concerned. We have our doubts! And along with most Christians that I know we share our doubts and concerns regarding our new home being built in heaven. Do we actually qualify? Is the title clear?

In   John 14:1-3 (KJV)   we read that our Father in heaven is building a mansion for us where He lives. And John also tells us what "qualifies" us for this home. "If ye believe in God, believe also in me (Jesus)." Committed belief is what qualifies.

Next to our new property where we expect to live is another empty property which neighbors tell us a young family purchased for a house which the wife's father, a builder, will build and "give" to them. So it isn't unheard of for a father to give a new house to a son or daughter. Free is a good price. Unfortunately, my new house won't be free* . But I do have a Father who is building a free home for me. Incidently, I also have an earthly father that turned 90 today. I am blessed to have him still alive and available to talk with and occasionally visit with.

So a home is being built for us in heaven by our heavenly Father. But will we have clean title to this home? John again tells us that our title is clean.   John 3:16 (KJV) "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth may have eternal life." Again that qualifier - believeth. And yes, there was a title challenge. Satan challenged our right to the mansion being built for us. But Jesus, the Son and our Brother, came to earth and resolved that controversy. Final paper work may still lag in my regard for my purchase and final events may still delay Christ's second coming but I have been approved and the title is clear. All that ultimately stands between me and my new home(S) is my own aggreement and signature.

Despite my doubts and concerns, the home(S) are mine if I want them.

*My new home does appraise at nearly 20 percent higher than the purchase/construction cost which means that it's partly free. That added value and the higher price I'm paying for the new home than the current home makes it a mansion compared to the old home. I've seen a model and it is nice with it's cathedral ceilings, skylights, island kitchen, whirlpool tub, and three car garage... And it will be located on a 1 1/2 acre wooded site. The road fronting it is an exclusive unpaved road. That's how they describe unpaved roads in cities in Michigan. I only have to drive 150 feet on the unpaved road since it's near a paved intersection. That's convenient. But it's thought in Michigan than unpaved streets keep unwanted traffic away and therefore is prized as desired privacy.

My home in heaven is on a street paved with gold. Can you imagine the mansions built in a neighborhood like that! And do I know what my home in heaven will be like? Have I seen a model? Yes, of course. I just watered altheas, mums, dahlia's and other beautiful colored flowers in my yard. I watered the petunias hanging from my porch. I
held Petunia, the young hampster waiting to go to kindergarten with my wife next month. I have a Sweetie (brown and tan cocker spaniel) that spoils me with her joy and attention and a friendly ferret who is Sweetie's other best friend. It's a beautiful world (demo) that our Father gives us while we wait for our heavenly mansion.

Admittedly I also have Betty Biter in a cage. She's the hampster that never got to go to school because she's not so friendly. This demo world has its flaws. But there is much that's wonderful. I'm confident that I will enthusiastically enjoy my new homes.