Yahweh Elohim

In Genesis 1 we read over and over "Lord God". The Lord God created and saw
that it was very good.  In the Hebrew this is Yahweh Elohim.

But when the serpent spoke with Eve, he said, "Hath not God said..." Satan
left out Lord and said simply God. In so doing he began the deception, he planted distrust. For in
speaking only of "God", Satan left out compassion and love.

Yahweh Elohim, Lord God, means Loving Master." Hebrew names were
intended to convey meaning. God wanted us to know him. Having created us He was obviously Master. Adam and Eve, even Satan couldn't deny that aspect. Man was created in the "image" of God and clearly subordinate to his or her Master. But God didn't create mankind to fear him. He intended man and woman as his friends. The aspect of God as friend was conveyed in the first name of Yahwe, Loving, Caring, Personal.

As Master, He could create and he could destroy. That is what Satan meant to convey. God/Elohim should be distrusted because he can give live and he can take life. Satan conveyed a taking when he suggested that God lessened life when he restricted what Eve should eat or when he restricted what she should know. God was taking from her...

But the Lord God, Loving Master, would want to give. The Lord God would want
to enable the man and woman he created in His image. Satan meant man to forget the caring,
loving part of God's nature.

Today Satan cares little which half of Lord God's nature we forget. Many Christians blame God for sickness and evil around them because since God is so powerful, He could prevent everything bad. Since He allows bad, God is simply Master. God should be worshiped because otherwise he will deny heaven to us. He doesn't care about us.

On the other hand, Christians who focus on the New Testament only deny the Master part of Lord God's name. He simply loves. He will forgive anything without my having to choose to behave differently another time. I can go on repeatedly sinning as a human being because the Lord, Yahwe, loves me so much that he will overlook sinful human nature.

Most Christians worship on the so-called Lord's day, Sunday, instead of the Sabbath, which is the real Lord's day, because "it doesn't really matter what day as long as you worship one day a week." Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, even Saturday. But since most Christians worship on Sunday, well... Sunday is the convenient, popular day of worship. And it doesn't really matter. Convenently, Elohim is set aside because if Master is the focus then honoring Him as he instructs would get in the way of our human nature to blend in with the majority. And as a consequence, even the one day of worship is reduced by most to an hour or so, with the afternoon dedicated to the worship of football. Football or other sports is the Master of so many people's lives.

If we are to know God, we must know him as he is, our Lord God, our Yahweh Elohim.