Election 2004 Mystery

It is a mystery to me why the overwhelming majority of Seventh-day Adventists plan to vote for their own persecutor on November 2, 2004!

The preachers of the religious right openly speak of enacting Sunday laws and have for quite some time now. On a televised sermon this past week a nationwide preacher Ed Dobson whom I have enjoyed listening to declared that the constitution doesn't mandate separation of church and state. Supreme Court justices allied with this coming persecutor have openly stated that the religious rights amendment shouldn't be in the constitution and that even so that these religious rights are the least of the 10 rights enumerated in the 1st ten amendments.

I know that trouble will come. But I believe that anyone who votes knowingly (or carelessly) for his/her persecutor is naive and almost certainly not prepared spiritually for this trouble. We see wars in places around the world where Seventh-day Adventists would love to be able to vote for a leader who would provide freedom. Places where Christians of any denomination pray for freedom. But here in the United States where we currently have freedom, albeit a freedom closing in on Americans because of the terrorist threat and the rhetoric that takes advantage of the associated fear... Here in the USA Sabbath-keepers plan to vote for politicians who depend on anti-religious rights frustrations and in direct opposition to spiritual practices and beliefs that contrast to mainstream* Christianity.

We are admonished to prepare for trouble. But we are not admonished to encourage this trouble. I won't write more. But I continue to wonder...

* I think for the most part Seventh-day Adventists share most beliefs with mainstream Christianity other than most glaringly the Sabbath. But the Sabbath is the bright light that focuses attacks on Seventh-day Adventists.