Satan: Gearing Up for Post-Millennial War of the Worlds


Maybe mankind was not created by God to travel by car or plane or spacecraft. Maybe radio, television, and computers are beyond the design of God who perhaps intended that his people interact live and in person with each other. That is, maybe "images of men and women", modern but remote role models (television/theater/music stars), were just as prohibited as were "graven images" of gods.  Exodus 20:4-5 (KJV)  Maybe mankind was never intended by God to communicate via phone, satellite, or internet email and messaging. Maybe all of these modern inventions, conveniences, and venues for entertainment are works of Satan?

When Satan was cast from heaven Revelation 12:7-9 (KJV)  to the earth he was not omniscient. Not omnipotent, not omnipresent. But Satan has perhaps spent the last 6000+ years working on becoming "god". He promised the first woman that she would become god-like, knowing good and evil. Genesis 3:1-4 (KJV)  Satan rebelled against God because Satan thought he should be equal to God  Isaiah 13:13-14 (KJV) .  

Satan first sought followers. And he won over a third of the angels and apparently had others on the fence in their allegiances. He got all but 7 people to follow him at the time of the flood. Satan was more successful before the flood than God in gaining allegiances of created human beings. And while the numbers of humans today who ally themselves with God is no doubt higher than 7, the percentages may be similar. In influence on earth he is de-facto god.

But over thousands of years Satan has vastly increased in knowledge, in power, and in the ability to seem to be everywhere. To become omnipotent and omnipresent he must close in on the omniscient characteristic of God. And when he failed to keep mankind from God through ignorance, aka the "dark ages", he realized that he could advance mankind beyond an awareness of the need for God through acquisition of extremes in knowledge.

And so over time Satan "shared" his accumulated knowledge with intelligent men and women. It may not have entirely mattered whether he could sway the intelligent to blow past asknowledgement of God. It simply matters that others who build on previously learned knowledge blow past God. And that over time Satan himself can co-opt this mountain of knowledge to not only control mankind but to also achieve for himself the omniscience that he needs to overpower God himself. Satan may thus be preparing for, in his own terminology, the "so-called" last days.

To defeat God, Satan must become omnipotent. To become omnipotent he must become omniscient. This omniscience he partially achieves though mankind's accumulation of knowledge. And Satan shows off his omnipotence by showcasing man's weapons of war and peace. Yes, peace! Note the levies around New Orleans. Yes, the levies broke. But look at the destruction this breaking performed! And now observe the rapidity with which these levies will be rebuilt, stronger than before. And as an aside, I've little doubt that Satan himself directed the path of the recent hurricanes in the Gulf with his own "breath". Take that, God! (Your breath gives live; my breath destroys life!)

After the 2nd coming... After the millennium of desolation... Yes, Satan believes in the promises of God. After the 2nd resurrection... Satan intends to utilize the arsenals built during our modern times. Revelation 20:7-10 (KJV)  He has computers to augment human and devilish minds to at least near omniscience. He has nuclear weapons sufficient to annihilate the earth. Satan may even trigger a test of these weapons at the beginning of the final millennium which follows Christ's 2nd coming to see what they really can do. If so, he is successful beyond his wildest dreams. Satan also has the telecommunications capabilities of today’s wireless infrastructures and today’s broadband internet, including internet2 which far surpasses the wonders available to us in our homes and businesses today. Wartime requires seeing all of the terrain. God must not slip past Satan; God must not attack from the rear. Telecommunications provides the omnipresence necessary to avoid surprise. Satellite imagery maps the earth real-time. Satan is (G)od! And Satan spells (G)od without the parends.

Maybe our electrified conveniences, our petrol powered transportations, our cell phones were designed by Satan, through people, even people of God sometimes. Maybe Satan inspired mankind to invent and build our infrastructures to accomplish his own deliverance from God's final devouring flames...

Maybe life will be much simpler in heaven and on the new earth. Maybe we will learn more but choose to do with less in heaven. The Bible says that we will "build" on the new earth. But it stops with houses and gardens.  Isaiah 65:21 (KJV)  We may not build Hyundai and Acura automobiles. We wouldn’t respect the class distinctions that these variations generate in our lives today. We may not build cell phones and communications towers. We may instead visit face to face. We may not build refrigerators since instead we will eat fresh from the vine. We may not build televisions and theaters or transmitting stations and studios. We will find weekly Sabbaths in heaven and in the New Jerusalem to be the ultimate joy.  Isaiah 66:23 (KJV)   And after the first few years, at least, the only celebrity in heaven will be Jesus Himself.


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