The Lord Will Supply All Your Needs

This wonderful Bible promise hit me in the face just last week.  Considering I am a single full time graduate student, money does not come easy.  And while I'm searching for a job that will help me with my financial responsibilities, I'm learning to lean on God to supply all of my needs.

  About a month or so ago, I withdreew $50 from the bank as my allowance for two weeks.  I carefully placed the money in a bank envelope because I knew that later on I would be using it at the grocery store and film developing center.  I figured there was no need in teasing my wallet.  I completed all of my errands for the day, going in at out of the envelope to pay for my items.  It wasn't until I went to pay for my lunch that I realized the envelope was not in my purse and neither was the $20 that was in the envelope.  I didn't panic, I just assumed that the money had fallen out of my purse in the car and that I had possibly put it in one of the bags from my purchases.  I checked both of those places only to find that the envelope was not there. After praying that I find the envelope, and being unsuccessful, I just resolved that Jesus had given my money to someone who needed it more than I did at the time.  I would just have to make due with the little money I had left in my account. 

Well, a few weeks after that, I received an unexpected cell phone bill from Cingular.  $265 that is.  (that's another story!), rent was due and a state inspection on my car.  There went the bulk of my humble earnings.  What was I going to do, 2 weeksand this time with no money? 

I decided that weekend to visit some friends who lived about an hour away.  I took along with me some pictures from my vacation several weeks ago at their request.  Well, when I returned home, I discovered that one of the pictures was gone.  It was a very special picture because it was one of me and my boyfriend.  I searched everywhere, outside, inside, behind other pictures, through the car.  I was just about to become frustrated when I decided to say a prayer.  The Lord impressed me to look in the car one more time.  As I began my second search.  I turned to look under my driver's seat when I noticed a very familiar envelope peeking from under a mat that had slid under my mat.  I pulled the envelope all of the way out and mouthed to myself, "No, it couldn't be."  Sure enough, when I looked in the envelope there lay neatly my $20.  God had set up a little savings plan for me.  He allowed me to lose money so that I would find it when I really needed it.  He's truly an on time God.  I realized that day that my life is truly in His hands and He watches over me.  When I can't trace His hand, I will trust His heart!


Oh, and I did find the picture minutes later!