Dear Members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church,

My name is Robin Smith Hernandez and I am praying that someone can help me. My brother, Randall L. Smith and I are searching for our older brother Charles, whom we have been unable to contact for over 11 years. We understand that Charles may have reasons why he does not want to be found and we will respect his wishes. At this point, Randall and I would just like to know if Charles is alive and safe and we would like for him to know that we love him, that he is a constant presence in our thoughts and that we are and will always be here for him should he ever need us. Randall and I still live  in Florida.

Our lost brother's name is Charles Donovan Storm and he is of Caucasian ethnicity. His birth date is March 22, 1966 and he is now 39 years old. Charles has black wavy hair (may be balding or have prematurely greyed), hazel green eyes and was always fond of wearing a well groomed mustache. He will also have a scar circling one of his fingertips due to an accident while working in a store meat department. As of the early 1990's Charles was an avid and involved member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. We know this to be true up to approximately 1998 and have every reason to believe  that he still is. The question is where? We have found that Charles was in Arkansas approximately between 1993 and and 1998. We believe that since then he may have resided in Tennessee, Washington State and here in Florida.

If anyone currently knows Charles, thinks they know Charles or has ever known Charles since 1992, please,please contact me or at least show him this letter and let it be his decision to respond. My E-Mail address is . Finding our brother would indeed be a prayer answered. If you know of a way to have this letter posted in Seventh Day Adventist Churches across the country we would greatly appreciate this information as well. God bless. April 26, 2005.