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ChrisTeskeChristian Service


Imagine for a moment entering the glittering gates of heaven, after Jesus has come to take His faithful children
to their promised home...

Seeing with your own eyes the power and the glory of the Heavenly Father...

And Jesus, your Saviour and Lord...

To talk with His holy angels...

And explore His beautiful kingdom...

To know as you are known...

To understand the deeper meaning of being saved by grace...

To realize more fully the great value of God's eternal truth...

To experience the reality of God's love for you personally...

To have all suffering, tears, and sorrows removed...

To have all your best hopes and dreams come true...

To know happiness and joy that is never going to end...What a day that is going to be !

I believe a moment will come in that glorious place where one prevailing thought will be shared by all... no matter what missionary enterprises have been entered into.

That thought will be:

I wish I had done more for Jesus.

You can think about this now ...today... while life and time remains... while the door of opportunity is open... You can do more for Him.

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Mark Henry 7/23/02
Imagine that! That will be wonderful, thx.Imagine living the life that testifies to the love that one has for Him, whereby we may have such an eternal experience ...

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